Small World

Place Settings #42: June 22, 2014

Place Settings 42

Eat: Camembert and baguette.

Drink: Hold on to your hats, everyone, I have finally assembled a pour-over coffee station for myself. After a friend sent me some Blue Bottle beans from New York and I stumbled upon a ceramic Melitta cone in Berlin, I picked up the Hario hand grinder (daily arm workout included) and a small travel scale to complete the set. The Nespresso machine is sitting glumly in the back of a cabinet now. This morning I’m drinking Small World House Blend.

Read: During my travels to various English-speaking countries, I was able to pick up two copies of The New Yorker, a magazine that isn’t really available over here. I’ve been working my way through these two issues slowly, trying to drag out the experience for as long as possible. (more…)


Place Settings #3: July 21, 2013

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Eat: Dill scrambled eggs with Sriracha. I need to go grocery shopping.

Drink: Last week someone reminded me that my favorite iced coffee beverage in the world is Small World Coffee’s NOLA, i.e. New Orleans iced coffee. I was first introduced to NOLA at Blue Bottle, where they cold brew coffee grinds and chicory and mix it with milk, but Small World has the best one. After the devastating discovery that Small World will not, in fact, sell me a growler of the stuff so I can enjoy it in the comfort of New York City, I determined that I would replicate it myself. One batch of chicory cold brew and a bottle of homemade vanilla simple syrup later, this is what I’m drinking. It’s pretty good, though not a perfect replica. I’ll keep working on it.

Read: I’m reading a total guilty pleasure this week. If you’ve been anywhere near the news this week, I’m sure you’ve heard that JK Rowling revealed herself to be the author of The Cuckoo’s Calling, a mystery that came out in January. I immediately downloaded to my Kindle and have been tearing through it.*

*As a side note, I have mixed feelings about my Kindle. I love the convenience of it and always take it with me on trips to cut down on the weight of my hand luggage, but I find that my reading comprehension drops close to zero on it. I also like making marginal notes and flipping back and forth in a text (my marginalia for In Search of Lost Time might well be the greatest literary accomplishment of my life), which is made very difficult on a Kindle. On the other hand, it’s perfect for quick, fun reads like The Cuckoo’s Calling. Do you have a Kindle? What do you think of it?