Place Settings #43: January 18, 2015


Hello! We’re back

Eat | A wheat berry and brussels sprouts salad (recipe here).

Drink | Coffee from Baruirs Coffee, a 45-year-old, family-run coffee store around the corner from me.  (more…)


Place Settings #33: March 16, 2014

Place Settings #33

Eat: My apartment here is wonderful in many ways, but it is a cave. It is so dark all the time that I need to turn the lights on, even if it’s the middle of a sunny afternoon. It’s easy to stay reclusive in there on the weekends, but today I forced myself to go somewhere for lunch.  I wanted to get coffee and a pastry from Telescope, but it was closed and I ended up with this salad at H.A.N.D. (Have A Nice Day). It’s a cute restaurant with burgers on the menu and mid-century Americana on the walls. My salad was tasty, but I don’t think I’d go back unless I had a few burger-craving friends in tow.

Drink: Mediocre café crème glacé. I’m dying for a Blue Bottle New Orleans iced coffee. (more…)

Place Settings #28: February 9, 2014

Place Settings #28

Eat: It turns out that one can only subsist on sardines, pasta, and butter for so long (still a pretty decent amount of time though!). By Friday I was craving fruits and vegetables, so I collected some apples, clementines, and mangoes from the market. I also got salad ingredients, although this particular salad includes egg, lardons, chicken, and Roquefort, so it’s probably only about 30% vegetation. I took myself on a 15 mile run this morning, so I wanted to pack some protein in there.

Drink: Not coffee! I have discovered Innocent Smoothies, a UK-based juice and smoothie company. Every single flavor is delicious, but my favorite is mango passion fruit, seen here. (more…)