Place Settings #44: January 25, 2015

IMG_4289Eat | These are bacon pancakes with a blob of avocado mash. They were delicious and super easy to make: I just chopped up some bacon, cooked it, and added it to the pancake mix.

Drink | More Baruir’s coffee.

Read | Still going strong with Moby Dick. As I read, this book keeps getting higher on my list of favorite books. Whales are constantly on my mind — I went on an extended YouTube deep dive of whale documentaries — and the infamous whale chapters are actually the best ones. (more…)


Place Settings #4: August 4, 2013


Surprise! I took a little week-long blogging vacation. It was a surprise to me too, but when I realized that it was happening, I just kind of embraced it. I love blogging but can’t always prioritize it, and that’s okay. Hope you all had a good week, and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Eat: Blueberry pancakes, from a box of pancake mix. With butter, of course.

Drink: New Orleans cold brew, batch #2. It’s definitely better than batch #1. Once I’ve gotten the perfect ratio down, I’ll post a recipe.

Read: This wasn’t the only blog that went on a little vacay this week; I missed my biweekly Proust post on my other blog as well. So now I’m just catching up on reading and prepping for a double-post next week.