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Coffee Catch Up

Coffee Catch Up copy

Grab a cup of coffee and your pastry of choice while I give you a quick catch-up on my life.

o n e || Obviously, I have been really bad at posting the past two weeks! After I got back from Berlin, it was my Paris best friend’s last weekend in town and then it was time to pack up and fly back to the States for my 5th college reunion. As is typical for alumni of my school, I have a huge amount of love — bordering on obsession — for my college days; I’ve been waiting for my 5th reunion since the moment I graduated. I got back to France on Monday afternoon and have been wallowing in nostalgia and mild depression ever since. In any case, we’re back on track now!

t w o || In other big news, I only have about a month left in Paris — everything is beginning to take on the tinge of nostalgia, even my laundromat. On July 10, I have a one-way ticket from Charles de Gaulle to Berlin Tegel Airport where I’ll be spending a month living with one of my best friends, whom I somehow convinced to join me from New York. I love Paris very much, but I’m also beyond excited to get to know Berlin.

t h r e e || A final life update: I’m moving back to New York in August to go back to school! I’m not too excited about the idea of returning to New York (I know, I know, I’m trying to adjust my attitude), but I’m very excited to be hitting the classroom again, especially to study creative writing.

Thanks for bearing with absent me the past few weeks, and hold onto your hats as we go to London this weekend, Paris for a few more weeks, off to Berlin for a month, and then back to the Big Apple!




Place Settings #25: January 19, 2014


Eat: Fromage cremeux, eggs scrambled with bacon, and avocado on a baguette. I moved out of my host/employer’s guest room and into her spare apartment this week (hence the slower posting), so I was finally able to go grocery shopping and have my own food around. I will never be able to eat enough French bread or eggs (cheese goes without saying).

Drink: Nespresso seems to be the national beverage over here. Every home I’ve been to has one, and many restaurants use Nespresso machines. Pod coffee is not my favorite, so I’m brainstorming alternatives. The real obstacle is getting my hands on a decent burr grinder. Decent burr grinders aren’t the cheapest, but they are essential for everything (including cold brewing). Still meditating on this one. Maybe I’ll just drink tea at home and pop over to Le Bal when I want a real cup of coffee.

Read: I’m working on finishing Never Any End to Paris (I forgot how much reading time Proust takes up). It is strange reading it having just moved here. Sometimes Vila-Matas references a specific location in Paris or a particular French attitude and I enjoy recognizing it, but most of the time, I feel like he is discussing a completely different city. Of course, on some level he is discussing a different city: mid-1970s Paris rather than 2014 Paris. I can barely imagine the New York City of the mid-1970s, so I don’t even attempt to claim knowledge of how much Paris has changed in the past 40 years.  (more…)

Happy Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is a holiday that tends to polarize people, but I like to think of it as a day to celebrate everything we love, whether it’s a significant other or a friend or a cat or a city or a pair of glittery red ballet flats. Here’s a collection of things that warm my heart; more love after the jump.


Valentine’s message above my bed