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Place Settings #42: June 22, 2014

Place Settings 42

Eat: Camembert and baguette.

Drink: Hold on to your hats, everyone, I have finally assembled a pour-over coffee station for myself. After a friend sent me some Blue Bottle beans from New York and I stumbled upon a ceramic Melitta cone in Berlin, I picked up the Hario hand grinder (daily arm workout included) and a small travel scale to complete the set. The Nespresso machine is sitting glumly in the back of a cabinet now. This morning I’m drinking Small World House Blend.

Read: During my travels to various English-speaking countries, I was able to pick up two copies of The New Yorker, a magazine that isn’t really available over here. I’ve been working my way through these two issues slowly, trying to drag out the experience for as long as possible. (more…)


The Run-Down #6: Sleeping in Compression Socks

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The past few nights I’ve been sleeping in compression socks (will someone let me know if this is bad for me?), which can only mean that I’ve been hitting the pavement again. Way back in April, I signed up for my first half-marathon, the Philadelphia race that will take place in November. This, I calculated, left enough time for two leisurely 12-week training cycles, with a week off in between. I was dedicated to my training plan, and even felt myself lifting out of a depressed period as a result. (more…)

Thursday Links #3

Short selection of links this week, as I basically didn’t look at the internet during the four days I was on vacation in Washington D.C. and Baltimore (full recap of that coming tomorrow!). A couple of stories still caught my eye though:

To read:

To view:

  • It seems that Medieval scribes had the same cat problems modern computer-users do.
  • I have barely sifted through photographs from all the runway shows, but so far my favorite makeup has been from the Anna Sui show. Look at that eyeliner!