Place Settings #45: February 1, 2015


Eat | Definitely a what’s-left-in-my-refrigerator kind of breakfast. Egg-in-a-hole, avocado, and bacon.


Drink | It looks like a beer, but it’s not. It’s a can of Guayaki yerba mate in a pretty glass. Yerba mate is a plant in the holly family that can be brewed like tea to make a tasty beverage. I wasn’t really familiar with it until I spent a month in Berlin and was converted into a Club Mate addict. Club Mate is head and shoulders and torso above any other yerba mate drink I’ve ever encountered and it’s very difficult to find in the US, a fact that makes me cry every so often. (more…)


Place Settings #44: January 25, 2015

IMG_4289Eat | These are bacon pancakes with a blob of avocado mash. They were delicious and super easy to make: I just chopped up some bacon, cooked it, and added it to the pancake mix.

Drink | More Baruir’s coffee.

Read | Still going strong with Moby Dick. As I read, this book keeps getting higher on my list of favorite books. Whales are constantly on my mind — I went on an extended YouTube deep dive of whale documentaries — and the infamous whale chapters are actually the best ones. (more…)

Place Settings #13: October 13, 2013


Eat: In a variation of last week’s breakfast sandwich, I scrambled an egg with some onions and mushrooms, topped with a slice of cheddar cheese, and finished with another bacon lattice.

Drink: Harney & Sons’ Lapsang Souchong, which I love during the colder months. It’s a black tea from China that has been smoke-dried over a pinewood fire. It has a very earthy, smokey flavor; if you like scotch, you’ll like this tea.

Read: I’m almost halfway through Yuvi Zalkow’s A Brilliant Novel in the Works, and mostly enjoying it. The main character, also named Yuvi, is a man whose mental health, marriage, and novel in the works are all about to fall apart, the whole of the breakdown being more spectacular than the sum of its parts.  (more…)

Place Settings #12: October 6, 2013


Eat: The classic breakfast sandwich: bacon, egg, and cheese. The bacon is hidden, but I was pretty proud of my bacon-lattice, so I’ve included a picture of it below (it’s super easy to do; just weave it together before cooking it). It definitely increased the structural integrity of my sandwich. Not pictured: Cholula.


Drink: Intelligentsia Organic La Perla de Oaxaca Mexico, brewed in a Chemex. According to Intelly: “A syrupy sweetness is balanced by tart red apple with hints of vanilla and spice.” I think the flavor profile is perfect for Autumn mornings. (more…)