17th Arrondissement

Like the Last Note of a Love Song


Today is my last day in Paris, a fact that sends more emotions through my body than I am equipped to process. Despite devoting my life to language, this is one of the moments when words completely fail me; I have no idea what to say. Instead, I picked up my camera and did the same thing I did when I arrived: I went for a walk through my neighborhood. Here, presented without commentary because I have none to provide, is what I saw.

IMG_3211 IMG_3216



Paris: Around the 17th


Four days in, I’m loving Paris and never want to move back to the States. But that being said, I honestly haven’t done that many adventurous things, other than wander around my new neighborhood. I’m living in the 17th Arrondissement, which I’ve heard multiple sources compare to New York’s Upper West Side. So far I feel like that’s a fair comparison, though of course as a foreigner here, everything seem très charmant. I’ve been snapping away during my wanderings like a good ol’ tourist, so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve seen on my walks.IMG_0303