Place Settings #43: January 18, 2015


Hello! We’re back

Eat | A wheat berry and brussels sprouts salad (recipe here).

Drink | Coffee from Baruirs Coffee, a 45-year-old, family-run coffee store around the corner from me. 


Read | I’m finally reading Moby Dick. I’ve never had that much interest in reading it, but it kept coming up in my classes last semester and it got bumped to the top of my reading list. I’m only about a hundred and fifty pages in, but so far I’m loving it. Ishmael is such an entertaining narrator that I’d follow him anywhere. He’s funny and smart and sharply observant. Melville loved Shakespeare and it’s obvious when you read Moby Dick. Lots of the sentences are written in iambs, like “I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts”(end of Chapter One) and “and in those jaws of swift destruction” (Chapter Two). I was a little nervous about the long, infamous chapters on cetology and waves, but Meville’s language alternates between charmingly conversational and gorgeously lyrical, so I think Ishmael will guide me through them.

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.”
(Chapter Twelve)


Charlie says hello!


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